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Treasure Island

Treasure Island

Way back in the ancient days of the 1920s the Stark Candy Company of Milwaukee made an innovative little candy called the Snirkles. There were a couple of varieties but it was basically a swirled caramel & taffy pop.Later in the 60s, when the whole world was going day-glow with color TV, Stark came out with the Slap Stix. It was based on the original and popular Snirkle, only this pop was a swirl of vanilla, cherry & banana taffy inside a caramel pop. The Slap Stix are made to this day and come a variety of sizes, a little .7 ounce variety and this attractive 2 ounce version.Stark, who also made a conversation heart product, sold their company to Necco in 1990. Necco recently closed the Pewaukee Stark Candy Factory but transferred production to their Revere, Mass plant.

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