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July 12, 2015

It all started with a picture casually uploaded onto Reddit. A picture of a cat called Tardar Sauce, who just happens to have a particularly grumpy face. Naturally it led to endless photo-shopping and "memery" and within no time the imaginatively named Grumpy Cat was born. Cats have been the undisputed currency of the internet for the last decade so its rapid rise to fame is really no surprise. Thousands of twitter followers, millions of Facebook friends; Grumpy Cat even won BuzzFeed's 'Meme of the Year' award – is there a more prestigious accolade? And now you can own this miserable internet sensation as a soft, plush hand-puppet. Complete with apathetic eyes and her trademark upturned mouth, cuddle up with this scowling replica and enjoy a fluffy feline reminder to cheer the hell up. MORE INFO Grumpy Cat Trivia: Tardar Sauce's grumpy upturned mouth is actually due to feline dwarfism (as opposed to her just being really miserable). Product Features: Fluffy hand-puppet of everyone's favourite internet cat Realistic replica with unimpressed eyes and grumpy mouth Re-enact timeless grumpy-cat scenes. For children ages 3+ Dimensions: Measures approximately 17cm(W) x 25.5cm(H) x 11.5cm(D)

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