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Plate - Jupiter single

Plate - Jupiter single

Jupiter is big. Even on a 10" plate, you can appreciate how big as you gaze at the Great Red Spot - actually a massive storm that's been raging on Jupiter's surface for hundreds of years - and remember that that one little Jovian nor'easter is three Earths wide. Jupiter is big. It's the largest planet in our solar system and if it were 80 times bigger, it would have become a star instead of a planet. As it is, Jupiter practically has a little solar system of its own and a planet-sized moon, Ganymede, that's bigger than Mercury. Jupiter is big. And this Planet Plate is sure to be a big hit with your family and friends at the next big barbeque or block party. 10" diameter. 100% melamine. Food safe and FDA approved. Dishwasher safe. Plates are not microwave safe. Look for your other favorite Planet Plates, each sold separately. Can't decide which planet you like best? You can have them all! For a complete set of eight 10" plates with portraits of all the planets in our solar system, see Planet Plates.

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