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Lego Minifigure 4GB USB Flash Drive

June 7, 2015
Lego Minifigure 4GB USB Flash Drive

I'm such a LEGO freak and tech geek, how could I not love this? The most important positive point is that this device is exactly the same size as a real minifig, and his arms and hands are as movable as a real minifig. However, be fore-warned that the feet of the minifig will not click onto a Lego block or plate, and I am living in constant fear of the day I lose the legs, which must be pulled off for use. Not at all surprised or disappointed, however, that the legs don't bend, and you can't easily put any kind of headgear on the minifig. Even though I have given this guy very light-duty treatment, one of his hands is already broken. No worries, however, since it can be readily replaced by a hand from any other minifig. My dearest hope is that Lego minifig USB devices be produced in as wide a variety as the minifig keychains, and with the problem with the feet addressed, and with higher storage capacity options.

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